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December 27, 2016

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Notes From The Creator of Lex Quant Summa

December 29, 2016

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Quantum Metrics / Quantum Storage

December 25, 2016


Workflow 3:


Quantum Metrics:

In simple terms, Quantum Metrics are a math-based metric conversion system for raw legal data, aimed at facilitating Machine Learning. The system seeks to quantify legal facts and permutations and express them as mathematically coherent numerical values. It was originally designed specifically for Machine Learning Algorithms that require numerical attributes for Classification, however it was later adapted to create other key technologies that LQS relies on. These Quantum Metrics are therefore the engine that drives Lex Quant Summa.


Please be very careful when using the Quantum Metrics, even the slightest miscalculation as a result of a workflow misstep may result in incorrect results and approximations. Follow all the steps of all the workflows in the order prescribed and in the methods prescribed. LQS has reliable Validation tools to validate the accuracy of the Quantum Metrics.


Generic Construct Weight:


This tool uses the Case Weight to compute the generic value of all the Constructs that form all the Permutations of the Case.  We say it is Generic because all the Constructs that form part of a particular Permutation will have the same value. In very simple terms, the Generic Construct Weight divides the Case Weight amongst all the Facts, Events and Permutations of a matter. Therefore, if one were to compute the sum of every Construct of every active Permutation, the resulting value would be the Case Weight itself.



Construct Quantum Value:


This tool uses the Frequency of a Construct in a matter to compute its Raw Weight. The more frequently the Construct appears in a matter, the higher the Construct Quantum Value and vice versa.