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December 29, 2016

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Quantifying Precedent

December 27, 2016



Workflow 1:


Quantifying Precedent:


The “Quantify New Case” function is one of the most important tools on LQS, without this tool few others on the Platform would work.   The purpose of this tool is two-fold, to Mine Data from Case law, and to quantify the decisions of Courts mathematically for the purposes of Quantitative Analysis and Advanced Legal Strategy.


This function is located on the toolbar of the Main Console, activate it by clicking on the “Quantify new Case” Icon.


There are four Metrics that quantify the Mathematical Value of a Courts’ decision:

  • Case Weight

  • Binding Value

  • Persuasive Value

  • Crude Weight

These Metrics should be considered cumulatively, however the “Case Weight” is the most important one. Case Weight is also the most reliable Metric when analyzing the strength of a case based on the precedent that it relies on.


Please note that on this demo the quantification settings for all High Court decisions have been set to “Aggressive”. The Algorithm will therefore apply what we call “Geographical Diffusion”; it will quantify High Court Decisions in an aggressive manner by going as far as using the location of the court and the number of courts with concurrent jurisdiction in that location to quantify its decisions.  For more information please read the LQS Manual.