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Cumulative Data

December 19, 2016



Cumulative Data:


This is the most important part of LQS, the very thing that makes Data Analytics possible on this platform. LQS is designed specifically to extract the maximum amount of Data from each Case analysed and Process executed. Every process of every workflow on this Platform produces Data, no matter how frivolous it may appear, absolutely no Data goes to waste.  LQS creates a wide variation of Data Sets to enable seamless application of different types of Machine Learning Algorithms, Statistical methods and many other Data Analytics tools. The Data is clean, coherent and best of all, cumulative. These Data Sets are created automatically and their initial formats do not require explicit Data Engineering to be created. Of course it will inevitably be necessary for users to re-engineer the Data to suit their needs. This can be done seamlessly by using the “Manipulate Data” tool.


To get the most out of LQS, please try and fill in all the fields in the Quantification Console when Quantifying Cases, even those under “Additional Features”. The Data Sets created by the Cumulative Data feature rely heavily on completeness; if even a few fields are not filled in it will not function effectively. 


Many of the Data Sets are designed to be cumulative, therefore with every new Case that is mined/analysed, data will be extracted from it and consolidated into a Data Set. If you do not wish to accumulate any more Data from a specific process, avoid using the “Load Data” function on the Cumulative Data interface.  To assist with strangling the accumulation any more data, do not close the Cumulative Data Interface once you deem the cumulative data sufficient, otherwise you will be forced to use the Load Data function upon opening a new Cumulative Data Interface. 


Workflow Steps:


1. Open the Cumulative Data interface by clicking on the”Consolidate Data” icon on the Tool Bar of the Main Console.



2. To load all Cumulative Data click on the “Load Data” icon on the menu bar. All Data Sets will automatically be presented in the appropriate tabs. Please be patient while all the Data Sets are being loaded.