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Quantum Data Works

Data Science Workshops for Corporate Professionals

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Quantum Data Works

Creating Algorithm-Ready Professionals

The Harvard Business Review voted Data Science the sexist job of the 21st Century, it is arguably the fastest growing technology sector in the world. The demand for highly skilled Data Science professionals is growing every day, IBM predicts that the demand for Data Science professionals will soar by 28% in 2020.

We believe the advancement of your business lies in the advancement of the people you work with.

The Quantum Data Works Workshops are tailored specifically for small to large businesses who want to up-skill their work-force dramatically.


Our Workshops are affordable and extremely robust. They teach very advanced concepts in a simple and coherent way. There is a Workshop for everyone, with four tiers to choose from:

  • Moderate (1 Day)

  • Moderately Advanced (2 Days)

  • Advanced (3 Days)

  • Adanced Pro (4 Days)

Our Workshops are interactive, hands-on and allow participants to use ground-breaking Technology to solve real world business problems. The use of Technology developed by Lex Quantus Analytics also enhances the Workshop experience, 


Our Information Sessions include:

  • What Data Science is and what its impact will be on businesses now and in the future.

  • How to adapt your business to an increasingly Data-Driven world.

  • How to use Data Science to boost Productivity, Efficiency, Speed and to Cut Costs.

  • The effects of Artificial Intelligence in the world of business.


Some of the core skills we teach in our workshops include:



  • R Programming (Learning to code in R)

  • Applied Machine Learning

  • Practical Data Analytics Training

  • Statistical Modelling

  • Using Algorithms In The Workplace 

  • Office Automation

R Programming:

The R Programming language is the De Facto Data Science Programming language, with a massive and thriving developer community the world over. In our Moderately Advanced and Advanced Sessions we show participants how to adapt R to their businesses in a meaningful and realistic way. Using R, we up-skill our clients by teaching them how to Code and use Statistical Modelling Techniques that enhance the quality of their work and give them a competitive advantage.  Professionals who can Code and are comfortable using Algorithms are an invaluable asset to their businesses and clients, with the Fourth Industrial Revolution looming, learning R only makes Business sense.